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How to Keep Your Pet Healthy and Happy

Anyone who has ever owned a pet will say the same, but a pet is more than those three letter; they are another living being, they’re a furry friend, and they are unquestionably a part of the family. Like any other friend or family member, you wish them a long, healthy life full of happiness and love.

More than that though, taking care of them is a huge part of helping them live the life you know they deserve. To keep them happy and healthy starts with the little things like feeding them and making sure they get enough exercise, but it is also grooming, cuddling, spoiling them, and the number of other ways that set you apart as a premium pet owner.

Always Provide Clean And Fresh Water

The most basic necessity for any living thing is: Water. Always be sure that your pet—be it a dog, cat, hamster, lizard, or whatever it is—has a bowl or bottle of clean water.

As in humans, water makes up most of your dog’s body—about 60 percent for an adult dog. Water keeps your dog’s organs healthy and, in particular, helps the kidneys flush out toxins from the blood. Water also promotes a healthy cardiovascular system, keeping essential electrolytes in balance. Some dogs, such as the northern sled dog, can actually go months without drinking real water; they consume snow and ice instead. But most dogs need a good amount of water every day. When dogs become dehydrated, they can die. Dehydration can occur in certain illnesses, such as kidney failure, bladder infections, vomiting and diarrhea. And in hot weather, a dog can die within hours if he doesn’t drink.

Feed Your Pet a Healthy and Well-balanced Diet.

In addition to providing fresh water throughout the day, it is important to feed your pet a healthy diet as well. This does vary between different animals, naturally, but the basics remain relatively similar:

Create—and stick—to a feeding schedule.Give your pet the proper amount of food, as to not let your pet overeat.Try to keep treats to a minimum.

From there, it is up to you to understand the kind of diet your furry friend needs to live a healthy life.

Make Sure Your Pet Gets Enough Exercise.

Just like humans, your dog needs to get enough exercise to keep healthy and maintain an appropriate weight.

You can generally know when your dog is lacking exercise when he or she becomes bored, lethargic, or frustrated. This can manifest itself as destructive behavior or aggression.

How much exercise your dog requires depends on the breed, size, age, and other health factors. For example, for some dogs, a daily walk is fine. However, for other large, energetic breeds, a quick walk isn’t enough physical activity.

Animals Need Good Hygiene, Too.

 A good grooming every now and then will not only lead to a healthy pet, but it may also lead to a happy pet! Like anything else, this varies depending on the kind of animal (most cats don’t enjoy baths), but some pets absolutely love it! It doesn’t even need to be as extravagant as bringing them to a pet spa. If you can bring your pet outside, then they’ll love running around the yard while you try to spray them lightly with a hose. I’ve even seen dogs purposefully stand over the sprinkler, watching the shampoo run off of them while they hadn’t a care in the world

Instill Other Healthy Habits.

Grooming is a good start, but you don’t need to stop there when instilling other habits to keep your pet healthy. You’ve gotten rid of the smell of their fur permeating throughout the house, but what about your dog or cat’s bad breath? We recommend checking your furry friend’s teeth once a week; not only to get rid of the smell for your sake, but also to prevent future tooth decay and possible infections that could affect your pet in ways you can’t see—or smell.

A healthy pet is a happy pet!

Get Your Pet Healthy and Fixed.

This common practice is more important to the overall well-being of your companion than most owners realize.

Although they will be quite unhappy with you after this particular vet visit, spaying or neutering a pet can also help lower the risk of breast and testicular cancer in your pets, respectively, among other diseases and infections.

Even if your pet is fixed and has all of its vaccines, your pet can still seem a bit off every once in awhile. The worst thing you can do in this situation is ignore it. This could be as severe as an underlying infection, or it could be something as easy to treat as pain or inflammation. In the latter case, TerraGold Plus Paws has your pet covered. As well as pain, inflammation, and separation anxiety, TerraGold Plus Paws helps relieve joint issues, nausea, seizures, and much, much more.

Show Some Love and Affection!

At the end of the day, one of the best things you can do to keep your pet happy and healthy is simply show them you love them! Our pets are a part of the family, so spoil them a bit with a treat or let them into your bed for some cuddles.

The bond between you and your furry friend will only grow stronger as a result, guaranteed.

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