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Signs Your Chihuahua Is Feeling Cold

Most Chihuahua parents assume that their pooch can keep themselves warm and not cold in winter.

8 out of 10 times they’re wrong.

So it’s great that you’re reading this article (it shows you really care).

Here you’ll discover:

  • What cold temperatures can do to your Chihuahua’s muscles.
  • An often neglected but effective tip on keeping your Chi warm.
  • The exact amount of time you should take your Chi out for in the cold months.
  • And more…

How to keep my Chihuahua warm in winter?

Keep your Chihuahua warm in winter by providing them warm clothing. A cozy bed will make them happy. So will a warm toasty house. Limit time outdoors to 10 minutes. This means brisk walks and a brief play outside. Keep them dry always and give them extra food

What temperature do Chihuahuas like?

Since Chihuahuas are small, they’ll love a warm environment. A warm temperature falls between 69⁰ and 72⁰ F. If you plan to leave the house, do not set the thermostat lower than 60⁰ F. But keep the temperature higher if you have small or sick dogs.

Watch out for signs that your dog is cold and needs to be inside the house.

Signs your Chihuahua is feeling cold

You are cold.

Humans’ and dogs’ comfort levels are almost the same.

So if you’re cold, your Chihuahua is, too.

Short coat or long coat, no amount of fur is enough to keep them warm.

Avoid leaving them outside longer than 10 minutes. They are small dogs and get cold rather quickly.


Shaking can mean a lot of things.

Maybe your Chihuahua is excited or happy. Or they are nervous.

But in winter, shaking is the most obvious sign that your Chihuahua is frezzing.

Cold ears

Touch your Chihuahua’s ears.

If those are cold, it’s likely that they’re all over.

No energy

It’s understandable if you feel lazy to move around in winter.

It’s too cold and it feels much better staying under the blankets.

However, lazy is different from lacking energy.

When Chihuahuas lack energy, it may be due to several factors.

One: Cold Paws.

Check whether your Chihuahua is suffering from cold paws. You can tell by observing them. You’ll know this is the case when your Chi limps or walks as though hurt.

Two: Exposure to Low Temperatures. This leads to stiff muscles.

Here is Another Cause for Worry:

Your Chihuahua is weak, lethargic and has shallow breathing.

Add to that their slow movements or stopping moving altogether.

If that’s the case, take them to your vet as this could be hypothermia.

Caution: Hipotermy is a condition where body temperature drops. As a result, the heart and other body organs can’t work properly.

Whining or Barking

Dogs whine and bark for so many reasons. 

But if they have been outside, barking could be a sign of something serious.

They could have been out in the snow longer than they can take.

This is an indication that they are with low temperature and must be taken inside.

Caution: DO NOT let your Chihuahua outside longer than 10 minutes. They may suffer from hypothermia.

If they have been playing in the snow, dry them quickly. 

Keep your beloved Chihuahua protected in Winter months by doing the following tips.

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